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Who am I?


WHO AM I?????

The above pic is probably how I look.  (kind of true. It's a vid2vid of myself with stable diffusion.)

I make things! New Media Artist/Creative Technologist. I am fascinated by surrealistic expressions in my personal art. I use Unreal Engine for work and fun. I love knowing. I like to read and learn about things I have no business knowing. I will go down YouTube rabbit holes for cooking or tech or culture. I have a lot of fun doing music visualizations. I think engineering is an artform. I want excuses to learn more things and to work on more physical projects.

I'm a multi-disciplinary new media artist and creative technologist. I say hi to every dog I meets, and am a synesthetic. I participate in the LiveCodeNYC community as a visual performer and organizer.

My strengths lie in adaptability and a strong foundation in coding and visual arts. I am available as a freelance consultant, VR/AR application developer, and technical artist.

A copy of my work experience is below. Check it out to see my skillset.

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