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Indira | she/they

Indira is a multi-disciplinary new media artist and creative technologist. She is a vegan millennial who does yoga daily, says hi to every dog she meets, and hears in colors and scenes.

In her professional scope, Indira's strengths lie in adaptability and a strong foundation in coding and visual arts. She is available as a freelance consultant, VR/AR application developer, 3D 

texture artist, and more. Working with her in a consulting capacity will typically entail in a shared written document with details on milestones, development steps, key interactions or challenges, video and text tutorials, and related articles or information to your piece. The intention of these documents is to keep track of the project, critically think about ways to problem-solve, and meet goals together. It's also a great learning tool that helps scope out what is possible in the allotted time frame.

In her personal art, she is interested in bridging the gap between empathy and technology; in creating worlds that reflect dreams of better days to come. Indira looks to express raw emotion and question creation, queerness, mental health, and everything in between. She believes intersectionality is the only right way to approach the world. Indira believes the power of art to heal and help people feel heard and seen. 

A copy of her CV is below. Check it out to see her growth and skillset.

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