Creative Technologist and New Media Artist

Indira Ardolic


Brooklyn Arctic Adventure

A Virtual Reality Experience 

I was so excited when Yokey Pokey contacted me to work on this project. I had always sought the responsibility that comes with being a creative lead, and during this project I utilized my knowledge and filled that role. I worked as the director as well as developer. I brought together digital artists to work on different aspects of the project. This premiered as part of an installation at City Point, Brooklyn during November and December 2018.

Soft Cell

Motion Graphic for Interactive Performance

I was contacted by Kate Sicchio to create motion graphics as visuals for this multimedia interactive performance.
This performance piece explores the connections between mathematics and biology through dance and movement.

Live Visuals

Coding Audio Reactive Visuals with Resolume

I collaborate with Ghost Component to make visuals bi-monthly. This includes coding audio reactive live visuals through Resolume Arena 5 during their performance, posters and promotional material, and coordinating other visual artists to work with us. I hand draw my material and alter it using Photoshop before I manipulate it live.


"All art is quite useless."

Oscar Wilde


Contact Me

Thanks for visiting my website! As a new media artist, I'm always looking for opportunities to sharpen my skills and learn new ways to express myself. If you have a project you need help with or just want to chat, contact me!


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