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Creative Technologist and New Media Artist

Indira Ardolic

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Feature Length Streamed Visuals

A short film of 3D visuals rendered in Unreal Engine, character, hair, jewelry, and clothing created in Maya. Utilizing clothing and physics simulation to draw upon surrealism. This video was part of a stream to raise funds for Asian Americans Advancing Justice. Mix by Mithril.

Hotbox the Noise

3D Render using Unreal Engine

Using Unreal Engine 4, Maya, and Daz, 3D models were sculpted, altered, and animated to create an atmosphere where movement and time reinvent the state of the space. Heavily featuring custom made noise materials and post processing volumes. The audio is produced by Effie Vision.


3D Render for Streamed Visuals

Utilizing Unreal to create unique materials and suspend the audience through unrealistic and substantially fragmented realities. Music live coded by Melody Loveless and Jess Garson.

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