Creative Technologist and New Media Artist

Indira Ardolic


Twin Primes - Wounded Eyes

Music Video

A music video created using shaders in Unreal Engine for Twin Primes. The shaders are utilize refraction and change hue based on the camera angle.

Digital Arrest Soft Launch 2020

VR Development

Digital Arrest aims to explore the different ways social media has been used against individuals, specifically under the lens of systemic racism and prejudice. This experience is based on the true, lived experience of Jarrell Daniels and brought to this medium through the work of Columbia's Safe Lab.

Wwwunderkammer by Carla Gannis

VR/AR Development

I worked alongside Carla Gannis to help with VR/AR in Unity. I coded Virtual Reality aspects such as level flow involving time limits and public variables to see where the user had and had not been. The Augmented Reality portion was to bring wall prints to life with audio and animations.